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Dead Men Tell No Tales
...luckily, I'm not dead
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8th-Oct-2010 05:44 amWithout Subject...
Normal is for wussies
I have realized that I am really in no way excited for NYCC. It probably doesn't help that I have ZERO money to spend while there and my favorite part of the con is far and away getting to pick up odd indie comics that I wouldn't normally run across. I like being able to support other artists and hopefully get a good read out of it to boot. In terms of panels and stuff? I could not care less. Gonna try to make the Venture Bros. panel tomorrow and other than that? ...Meh.

Definitely looking forward to getting to hang out with Em and Andrew (who I suppose I should stop calling George at this point since it's...not actually his first name) but even that is gonna be awkward due to scheduling issues. Which is sad because they're STAYING AT MY HOUSE. I just...have to go lug around giant set pieces. Bugger.

In other news, I'm co-modding a very casual TF2 RP with some friends and we got the most HILARIOUS application today. It has EVERYTHING.

- It's a Scout (of course)
- He has violet eyes (it specifically mentions that no one else in his family has them)
- His father RAPED HIM for no apparent reason beyond being a stereotypical abusive bastard
- He beat his father to death and suffered no consequences beyond people looking at him funny - apparently the cops don't give a shit in Brooklyn because he was never even arrested for it
- The game is set in 2010, but the app is obvious copy pasta from other TF2 game because he's listed as being born in 1948
- And then this, quoted directly because I can't pick just one:
He is claustraphobic and haphephobic [dislikes being touched]
He likes music and can't sleep without it
He likes to dance
He is a contortionist
He secretly likes to cross dress
He knows Italian
He likes to draw
He is a masochist
He likes horror stories [mostly Lovecraftian stories]
He suffers from night terrors and PTSD"

I can't stop laughing at this thing and I'm almost sure that we're being trolled except I think this person is from y!gallery, so it's entirely possible that they are completely serious.

Also, this person didn't even apply in the format that we asked for and I'm not sure if they even READ the ad because they obviously have no idea about the setting.

We replied back in character that we were very concerned over the fact that he was born in 1948 and was supposedly still 20. The next step is to express concern about his employee file, which appears to have been falsified or exaggerated. ...The step after that might be open laughter, I'm not sure. Or just letting them into the game and watching the train wreck unfold. The urge to troll my own game is almost overwhelming.

Also I really need to go to bed, how am I not tired at all?
4th-Oct-2010 10:10 pmWithout Subject...
Be yourself

I'm just putting this here so I can use it for copy pasta later. Also, this is the best emoticon. :V

Also this: ಥ_ಥ
22nd-Sep-2010 12:04 pmWithout Subject...
Grinning Hobbes
You are now all jealous of my icon.
16th-Sep-2010 09:41 amWithout Subject...
Normal is for wussies
o/~ Aaaaaagony and miiiiiiiisery, living together in perfect harmony.... o/~

...In my guts. Everything below my mason dixon line is in full revolt or something, I don't even know. I HATE ALL LIFE. ALLLLLL OF IT.

And all I have access to is Midol, which I think made me feel like shit last time I took it. Oh god I wanna diiiiiie.
16th-Sep-2010 07:59 amWithout Subject...
Be yourself
The only good thing about being awake and miserable at this hour is finding this in an comment on my earlier post about triplanes, courtesy of tenorvox:

I LOLed. You're such a dick Manfred.
16th-Sep-2010 07:46 am - Whhhhyyyyyyyy
Be yourself
The sooner we can become incorporeal beings of pure energy, the better.

I like food and all but at the moment I'd really like to have some words with my digestive tract.
15th-Sep-2010 12:18 amWithout Subject...
CENSORED spider yelling
That fucking triplane cannot get here soon enough. Mr. Fokker, Manfred Von Richthofen, The German High Command, AND Konrad can all get bent, I hate that fucking plane so much right now. Every part of it is designed to ENRAGE ME. It's BAD and it should FEEL BAD.

Otherwise, I got some inking done and I feel pretty good but I have a lot more to do and I'm kind of burnt out on planes. :C
12th-Sep-2010 03:40 amWithout Subject...
Be yourself
I have ordered a tiny Sopwith Camel and Fokker Dr.I, which will hopefully be arriving soon. The Camel is on backorder, which is annoying, but since the triplane is more of a bitch to draw anyway, I guess it works out. I almost feel comfortable drawing Flash at this point. Almost.

...Then I'm gonna have to learn how to draw an 'elicopter and a bunch of WWII planes and it'll be BAWWWW all over again. At least WWII planes are a bit smoother in shape, I think it'll be easier to fudge the lines. /terrible artist.
11th-Sep-2010 10:08 am - Adventures in SCIENCE
Be yourself
...Or something.

So I'm at my parent's house right now and for some reason mom pulled the carpeting off the top step on the stairs between the upstairs and downstairs. You know how they say that last (or first) step is a doozy? This is what they were talking about. Apparently there is some kind of bizarre connection between your perception of...I dunno...texture and balance and your brain isn't good at switching gears quickly. Stepping onto the smooth wooden step and then suddenly switching to carpet (or the other way around) suddenly makes you feel like you're going to fall down the stairs, never mind that you're completely stable and have your hands on both hand railings. It's the weirdest thing. And I do not like it one bit.

On the plus side, it keeps Jack, the larger dog, from coming upstairs, so that's a plus.

Also, air mattresses were invented by the devil to torture us on this mortal plane.
10th-Aug-2010 07:36 amWithout Subject...
CENSORED spider yelling
Ugh, seriously, why the fuck am I awake after only 4 hours of sleep? ALL MY HATE. AUGH.

And as a capper my internet is being sketchy. It's working but I have to try to load pages three or four times before it will actually find the server. I don't even know how this is possible since it's not that the internet itself is flickering - connection strength good, all my messenger programs are fine, but the pages are like HERP DERP HOW I LOAD CONTENT? AUGH RAGE.
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